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On 12th August at 1:30 p.m. I arrived in Phitsanulok and met Mr. Buncha with his wife. Then, He took us in dorm near the school and told what we have to do and asked what we really need. But, In the evening He took us to have dinner outside and told me about my activities for the next day.

The next day, we met Teacher Yo. She accompanied us for going around and told us about how this school running. She told me that every day in PSRU demonstration school did flag ceremony. In this school, there is a good habit to improve English skill because we know that English in Thailand is for foreign language. Therefore, every student of PSRU have to read the word according to their grade and spell it. In this school, Teacher design a fun English learning. Then, while in the middle of flag ceremony one of the representative students would repeat the English word, spelling it and translate it to Thai language.

In this first day in PSRU Demonstration School, I just understood how the value of religion indeed in every life part. I could see it while in flag ceremony and how each person in school respect each other and greeting it.

In the afternoon we discussed with Teacher Yo about our schedule for teaching and learning and another topic. Then, we just move around the school with Teacher Nat. Then, I knew that student moved to other class. Therefore, there is specific class like English room and other room. Then, teacher especially English teacher decorated it as his/her interest to make the students enjoy the process teaching and learning. Then, we also got an Thai Class, we learn about simple conversation or word which used in classroom.

On the 14th august, I started to observe 2 class for 4th grade and 5th grade. At first, we observe Mr. Yo when she taught 4th grade students about countable and uncountable noun.  She used a creative worksheet which be a warming up for the students. Therefore, students could find what is countable and uncountable noun by coloring the same things. Teacher Yo tried to engage the students to the material by provide the workshop which noun consist of cake and ice cream picture to fill it by word.  Then, students colored ice cream and cupcake picture. They looked so happy with their own worksheet.

When I asked Teacher Yo about how she got the idea to made cute worksheet for students, she said that it was from herself by knowing it in some books which she read. Actually, she made a nice interaction to the students. Students could respond it and be so fun with the class situation. On the afternoon, I observed Teacher Yo class but the one who taught was student’s internship, her name is Nen. She taught 5th grade students with comparative degree material especially as _____as by using game in group. I just thought that using worksheet would help students to memorize if they forgot or when they really need to learn it again. Then, we learn about cooking class. In this class, we helped to make coffee cake. I saw how students enthusiasm to make and package it.

On the next day, we have orientation with Dr. Buncha as Coordinator, Teacher Nikom as head of Elementary and Primary school, and some teacher who involved with us.  Dr. Buncha presented about the mechanism and anything related our program. Therefore, we called it as formal orientation.  But in the morning, I had chance to see how Kindergarten children learn English.

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Pre- Service Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia : Introduction

“The journey of learning is as long as the road of life.”

  • Itje Chodidjah
Taken from Innayatul Khoriyah

SEA TEACHER or Pre-Services Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia is a program or project which make students university in Southeast Asia have practice teaching in other country in Southeasts Asia. This program gives opportunities to student’s teacher for having experience teaching in other country.  This program is running under SEAMEO. SEAMEO is an organization which established in 1965 among the government of Southeast Asian Country.

SEAMEO has 7 priority area in its program. One of them is “Revitalizing Teacher Education”. Therefore, SEA TEACHER is being one of its programs to make students teacher understand how difference education in other country especially in Southeast Asia, then develop their professionalism as teacher in future to make a creative and innovative method while teaching their students.

I think SEA TEACHER will make me understand that border line is not a problem for developing the media. As teacher I believe knowing what is the up to date news or media from book, internet, group discussion with other country teacher will create a better media or worksheet for students.

I believe SEA TEACHER is one of ways to make students teacher understand that we are as agent of change can do something to our future. Therefore, we can make a big change in the future by understand what students needed.

Therefore, being part of this program will be the best moment of my life to learn. I know that this program not only about how I’m teaching here but the other value. In this batch, I am deployed in Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

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Hello, I’m Amalia. My name has meaning for having a high dream. I believe someday it will be come true and this is my first time for making and writing to the blog, because I usually write on My TUMBLR. So, don’t forget to see my story in amma_mamal.

My Diary

One day this
moment will
keep me alive

When we play games, we constantly be on the move, but books allow us to take rest in between.

— Kim Jin Hyuk (Encounter Eps 2)

This is going to be my first post for my blog for making the memory and to fulfill one of the requirement as the students teacher who joining Sea-Teacher Program. Joining this program, I am deployed to Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University (PSRU), Phitsanulok, Thailand. Therefore, this blog will be my story and experience during following this program.

As Quote from Kim Jin Hyuk, this blog will be my digital diary book. Therefore, if I really need to take a rest for anything in my life I will open this blog and see how far I have gone.

Last, thank you for visiting my blog and reading my story. I hope you can enjoy the content.



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    Hello, I’m Amalia. My name has meaning for having a high dream. I believe someday it will be come true and this is my first time for making and writing to the blog, because I usually write on My TUMBLR. So, don’t forget to see my story in amma_mamal. When we play games, we constantly… Read more

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