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Pre- Service Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia : Introduction

“The journey of learning is as long as the road of life.”

  • Itje Chodidjah
Taken from Innayatul Khoriyah

SEA TEACHER or Pre-Services Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia is a program or project which make students university in Southeast Asia have practice teaching in other country in Southeasts Asia. This program gives opportunities to student’s teacher for having experience teaching in other country.  This program is running under SEAMEO. SEAMEO is an organization which established in 1965 among the government of Southeast Asian Country.

SEAMEO has 7 priority area in its program. One of them is “Revitalizing Teacher Education”. Therefore, SEA TEACHER is being one of its programs to make students teacher understand how difference education in other country especially in Southeast Asia, then develop their professionalism as teacher in future to make a creative and innovative method while teaching their students.

I think SEA TEACHER will make me understand that border line is not a problem for developing the media. As teacher I believe knowing what is the up to date news or media from book, internet, group discussion with other country teacher will create a better media or worksheet for students.

I believe SEA TEACHER is one of ways to make students teacher understand that we are as agent of change can do something to our future. Therefore, we can make a big change in the future by understand what students needed.

Therefore, being part of this program will be the best moment of my life to learn. I know that this program not only about how I’m teaching here but the other value. In this batch, I am deployed in Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

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