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1. School: General Information and Academic Administration

Meeting room of PSRU Demontration School, When we got school orientation.

  1. School profile

Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School is school which since 2004 The king of Thailand changed the name of school became Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School. Then, since 2008 PSRU allocated the budget to construct the building in PSRU Demonstration school. The building consists of 2, there are elementary building and primary building. The vision itself it “to provide education in accordance with learning development and learn with fun.”

2. Academic support system

PSRU Demonstration School provide some facilities for the students:.

  • Library

In this library the students don’t only read a book but also can play some mathematics game or access an internet learning. Therefore, the students can play and learn at the same time. The right side of the library, there is a stage which can used for teaching and learning process.

  • Sport building

In this school there is an indoor place which the students can play badminton or other sport. On the other hand, there is a yard whom the students can play football.

  • Cooking Class

PSRU Demonstration School has cooking class which the students can practice to make some kind of dessert or other dishes. Therefore, they have life skill to survive in the future. The teacher chose simple dishes to make students easily to do it in their home.

Cooking class made BANOFI
  • CCTV

The other facility is CCTV to monitor their children in the school. It makes the parent easily to know what their children do during the class or to know what is their children respond during the class.

3. Teaching system

This school used moving class. Therefore, one of two subjects are in the same class for the example is English Class. 4th grade until 6th grade use in 1st floor, so teacher can decorate and prepare many stuffs over there. Then, for 2nd grade and 3rd grade, there is class in 3rd floor or I can say the same floor with their original class. Then for 1st grade, the students learn in their own class for all of subject. Some teacher used their own worksheet to make the students more interesting about the material.

4. Materials and other learning sources

The subjects are English, Math, Science, Thai Language, History, Social, Sport, Computer, and life skill Class. Teachers do not use a book for practice but some of them also create their own worksheet. All of class has LED TV for showing PPT or video during teaching and learning process. Some of them make real learning by command the students to bring fish with the water.

The students have several books like the real book for learning, notebook for their own worksheet, and practice book. Therefore, they will easier to learn about that material.

5. Measurement and evaluation system

The evaluation of PSRU Demonstration School is used test, worksheet, and how the students act during teaching and learning process. The test is for final examination only, but worksheet is given every meeting. Therefore, students can learn from their home, because the students have exercise book and they leave the book in the school. The other hand, teacher also asses how student’s respond during the process teaching and learning.

6. Curriculum

PSRU Demonstration school used Basic Education Core Curriculum from the government but  PSRU Demonstration School develops curriculum depends on the students need. Therefore, this school will have different things from the other school.

7. Teaching plan

For teaching plan, first we have discussion with the teacher about which the teaching plan we will used. Then, we used an AFS teaching plan format. Actually, the lesson plan is quite same with my own English teaching plan. It is not quite different; it is simple and easy to understand.

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