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2. Pedagogical Contents

Teaching methods

After doing the observation, I understand about how the teacher tried to make the students understand by using fun way. The teacher made game before going to the material. Then the most important is introduce the vocabulary because we know that English is as a foreign language which means a lot of them don’t speak English in their home. By introducing the vocabulary, teacher can use English language for the whole class and make them enjoy with that.

The other hand, how the teacher gives a simple reward for them. The English class is in the different room, so teacher made the class being 6 large group for 40 students. Teacher gave a group score if they do something appropriately or even just because of their attitude. But this score is not directly count in their real score, it is only the way to control the students.  I do learn about how to appreciate their effort and motivate them to learn English more.

Their learning materials and innovation

        The teacher said that she developed the material, so the teacher doesn’t depend on the text book. It will make the students bored if she teaches depend on the textbook. The teacher develops the material and she makes the own worksheet for every material. The effect is the students will also think that they can play while learn something. A lot of worksheet is consist of some pictures which the students can color it by themselves. Therefore, they will enjoy the class and understand the material.

Sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

The teacher also used some properties like picture which stick on the whiteboard, video, and other property. this properties were not only for warming up but also they were used as a main to teach the students about the material. Therefore, the properties would help the students to increase the vocabulary and to remember it while the repetition.

The teacher made 6 group in every class is part of how to control and make the students understand. this way would make the smart students to help another students in group for learning the material. On another hand, this way will make the students easily to understand while seeing what their friends do in the group.

Authentic assessment used by the teachers

At first teacher used worksheet, final test, and the activeness of the student in the classroom. Even, the worksheet is only for practice but teacher also can know about how far the students understand or if in the worksheet they still have lower score, teacher will give them remedial to help them understand about the material.

The assessment is about what they have talked about in the class. Then, worksheet will help students to learn about last material because it will stick on their books. The other one, the assessment can be vocabulary test. This test seems like review about their vocabulary during this class.

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