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4. Teaching Practice

  • Procedures of teaching

Before the final teaching assessment, I did 2 teaching practice for P4 Thantawan and P4 Banchuen with the same material. at first, I did a warming up by using some stuff and box so before directly went to the material. I made the students knew what the stuff. Therefore, they can understand about what I was going to say. i discuss with the teacher about some step of teaching. Then, she told me about how to keep the student attention and to make interactive class.

i got 2 practice with different class because I got nervous at first time so, It was not running well therefore, I need more practice with the students. I also changed some kind of step to make it more natural and as my style.

  • Time management and organizing activities

In the first teaching practice, I got problem with time management. Actually I had to deliver my material around 30 minutes but i just delivered less than that and i missed some point. then, the teacher told me that point and made sure some steps for teaching and learning.

Then, she said about how to control students by giving them reward for making students easy to control them. therefore, the activity could run well and the students understand about the material.

  • Problem-solving

To handle the class, i gave them some reward like score for every group. I gave some score for every group as their cooperation and activeness in the class. Then, to handle about time management, I rearranged some step of activity and made note to make sure not to skip some steps. I tried to make detail note for make the class running naturally.

then, I rearrange the warming up step from introduction because in the first practice I skipped the introduction of the stuff. therefore, students got difficulty because they did not know about the name of the class.

  • Classroom management

To make the student kept their attention to me, I just moved around while introduce the stuff for the students. They tried to look at me and rose their hand when they knew what the stuff name is. Then, they could keep silent and gave much attention to me.

Then, when I gave them worksheet, they directly asked that could they color it or not. Then, they tried to finish it as fast as possible and to get super stamp from the teacher.

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