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5. Summary and Suggestions

  • Purposes of practicum

At first, I did not know where level I would teach, but in that bio data, I preferred to teach high school class when it was in Thailand because it would match with my local internship. But then, when I knew I would teach in the elementary level, at first, I felt afraid because I hadn’t taught English class for young learner in full time so only in a group taught in 4th grade.

Then, what I was afraid, were wrong. I got unpredictable experience which mean a lot for myself. I learn how to teach the students by using English for the whole time in the class without speak any other language. Then, how to control the students and keep their attention to what I’m talking about.

  • Procedures of practicum

At first week, I only observed how the teacher taught the students in the class. in the 2nd week I did assistant while the teacher taught the students and she gave me 10 – 15 minutes to do game or warming up with the students. Sometimes, she planned it the day before but sometimes it was the sudden planned. the 3rd week, I did my teaching practice and my final assessment teaching practice.  

  • Outcomes of practicum

I just surprised why my cooperating teacher that i had natural potential for being teacher in young learner class. She said that I had passion to handle the class naturally and to keep student’s attention. In PSRU Demonstration School, I learned more about how to create English environment for young learner and how to create simple media become the best media for that material. I understand that the most important is how to make students enjoy while learning English without afraid for making mistake. The media is so simple only some stationary and a magic box but i think they are a good media to tell the concept about that material.

I think improved my English skill and teaching skill especially for young learner. I understood that our perception will involve about students understanding. if as teacher I believe my students can understand and can do the instruction, so they will do it even i talked in simple English word.

  • The challenges of practicum

I think the challenge came from myself. At first, I just thought that it would be difficult to control them or even to make them enjoy the material. But then, my cooperating teacher supported me and told that I could do it and did like what I had done when I had practice in elementary school.

 I thought it because when I had practice in elementary school I used between Bahasa and English that why they could understand it clearly. But then, when I passed the first practiced, I could more control myself and could run the class better for the second practice.

  • Overall impression

I have many impressions while joining SEA-Teacher project. First, I would to say thanks for this project. I think it would be best experience for teaching in another country which will be one of best moment in my life. Second, by joining this event, I can learn many things related teaching and culture about the country. I also have friends who was internship students but they helped me so much for preparing the material or to discuss about several thing like teaching in the class, culture in there, or even an another else.

  • Suggestions for future improvement

I think it is good but i think i need for time for teaching the students because we had much free time in second week. in second week we did assisting but i think we had much free time which maybe can accommodate for our time to teaching. Therefore, we could teach them in different material and feel how was the challenge and the different.

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