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On this second week, I did teaching assistant to my cooperating teacher for several classes. I think i got a lot of experience.

On 18th of August, Teacher Yo, three of my friends and I went to Science Exhibition in Naresuan University. At first, we stayed in Medical Science Faculty with 6th grade students from PSRU Demonstration School. We learned about plant, animal, and human anatomy. It was the first time for me to see cadaver. Even, in senior high school I learned about it but I hadn’t seen that. So, students from grade 4th to grade 6th stayed and learned about several things for a whole day.

On the next day, Teacher Yo gave Putri and I to give grade 5th warming up. It was suddenly, but then we discuss to do “Who am I?” game with that students. We played around 10 minutes, and we decided our part in that game. Putri had part for opening and control students by giving a score if they answer correct. Then, I had part to distribute the clue in a paper, gave them instruction, and helped students to make the clue. After that, Teacher Nat told us if there was a cooking class on the canteen. Then, Putri and I went there to help. But then, they made fraying banana and it seemed our food in Indonesia. Then, we helped to fry it because the teacher fried it in big part not in small one so a lot of banana just stick each other.

The students wrote the word which I got them clues about that.

On Wednesday, Teacher Yo gave same project to do warming up, but different grade. Then, I decided to make simple one named I’m fruit. I wrote some letters on the whiteboard and the students had to fill it all of the letters to become a word. We played the game for around 10 minutes and it was so fun. They had a good respond and enthusiasms about the game and also me.

 On Thursday, Teacher Yo suddenly offered us to teach around 10 minutes in the beginning of the class about a, an, and some material. Teacher Yo had printed paper of the fruits to teach about this material, so we only rearranged about the picture on the whiteboard.

On Friday, I discussed about lesson plan, worksheet, and media for the students. In this part, Teacher Yo gave much suggestion to concept our way in process of teaching. I had much revision about my lesson plan, because I just forgot that this is for elementary students. That why I had changed some step and media. Nan, one of Thai student’s internship, helped me to make magic box for teaching in the class for next week. Teacher Yo concepted us to have practice before the exam time. Therefore, we discussed about the class because 2 student teachers would teach English subject so we had to be different grade.   

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