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Third Week

In the third week, I did my full practice time. At first, My cooperating teacher decided me the grade and the material about what would be taught to the students. My cooperating teacher and I discussed about the lesson plan and also about the material. Then, after we fixed for my teaching is P4 Thantawan and P4 Banchuen.

On the Monday, my first full teaching practice, I got problem with organizing the class because My cooperating teacher told me suddenly to teach P4 Thantawan class after the flag ceremony. After the teaching practice she gave me some comment like, I had to be louder in the class to give them instruction. Then, I just skipped some step of teaching and I needed more preparation.

On the next day, I had full teaching practice again. But She said that I improved but I had to be aware with the stuff because a lot of students still did not about what the stuff is. But she said that I did better performance and could handle the class.

In this 3rd week, I also faced final exam for teaching assessment. I taught P4 Banchuen for my final exam as the result of discussion with my cooperating teacher. Then, I prepared some stuff and other things which support my performance. But I thought I enjoyed a lot the class and I could control the class.

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