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5. Summary and Suggestions

  • Purposes of practicum

At first, I did not know where level I would teach, but in that bio data, I preferred to teach high school class when it was in Thailand because it would match with my local internship. But then, when I knew I would teach in the elementary level, at first, I felt afraid because I hadn’t taught English class for young learner in full time so only in a group taught in 4th grade.

Then, what I was afraid, were wrong. I got unpredictable experience which mean a lot for myself. I learn how to teach the students by using English for the whole time in the class without speak any other language. Then, how to control the students and keep their attention to what I’m talking about.

  • Procedures of practicum

At first week, I only observed how the teacher taught the students in the class. in the 2nd week I did assistant while the teacher taught the students and she gave me 10 – 15 minutes to do game or warming up with the students. Sometimes, she planned it the day before but sometimes it was the sudden planned. the 3rd week, I did my teaching practice and my final assessment teaching practice.  

  • Outcomes of practicum

I just surprised why my cooperating teacher that i had natural potential for being teacher in young learner class. She said that I had passion to handle the class naturally and to keep student’s attention. In PSRU Demonstration School, I learned more about how to create English environment for young learner and how to create simple media become the best media for that material. I understand that the most important is how to make students enjoy while learning English without afraid for making mistake. The media is so simple only some stationary and a magic box but i think they are a good media to tell the concept about that material.

I think improved my English skill and teaching skill especially for young learner. I understood that our perception will involve about students understanding. if as teacher I believe my students can understand and can do the instruction, so they will do it even i talked in simple English word.

  • The challenges of practicum

I think the challenge came from myself. At first, I just thought that it would be difficult to control them or even to make them enjoy the material. But then, my cooperating teacher supported me and told that I could do it and did like what I had done when I had practice in elementary school.

 I thought it because when I had practice in elementary school I used between Bahasa and English that why they could understand it clearly. But then, when I passed the first practiced, I could more control myself and could run the class better for the second practice.

  • Overall impression

I have many impressions while joining SEA-Teacher project. First, I would to say thanks for this project. I think it would be best experience for teaching in another country which will be one of best moment in my life. Second, by joining this event, I can learn many things related teaching and culture about the country. I also have friends who was internship students but they helped me so much for preparing the material or to discuss about several thing like teaching in the class, culture in there, or even an another else.

  • Suggestions for future improvement

I think it is good but i think i need for time for teaching the students because we had much free time in second week. in second week we did assisting but i think we had much free time which maybe can accommodate for our time to teaching. Therefore, we could teach them in different material and feel how was the challenge and the different.

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4. Teaching Practice

  • Procedures of teaching

Before the final teaching assessment, I did 2 teaching practice for P4 Thantawan and P4 Banchuen with the same material. at first, I did a warming up by using some stuff and box so before directly went to the material. I made the students knew what the stuff. Therefore, they can understand about what I was going to say. i discuss with the teacher about some step of teaching. Then, she told me about how to keep the student attention and to make interactive class.

i got 2 practice with different class because I got nervous at first time so, It was not running well therefore, I need more practice with the students. I also changed some kind of step to make it more natural and as my style.

  • Time management and organizing activities

In the first teaching practice, I got problem with time management. Actually I had to deliver my material around 30 minutes but i just delivered less than that and i missed some point. then, the teacher told me that point and made sure some steps for teaching and learning.

Then, she said about how to control students by giving them reward for making students easy to control them. therefore, the activity could run well and the students understand about the material.

  • Problem-solving

To handle the class, i gave them some reward like score for every group. I gave some score for every group as their cooperation and activeness in the class. Then, to handle about time management, I rearranged some step of activity and made note to make sure not to skip some steps. I tried to make detail note for make the class running naturally.

then, I rearrange the warming up step from introduction because in the first practice I skipped the introduction of the stuff. therefore, students got difficulty because they did not know about the name of the class.

  • Classroom management

To make the student kept their attention to me, I just moved around while introduce the stuff for the students. They tried to look at me and rose their hand when they knew what the stuff name is. Then, they could keep silent and gave much attention to me.

Then, when I gave them worksheet, they directly asked that could they color it or not. Then, they tried to finish it as fast as possible and to get super stamp from the teacher.

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3. Teaching Plan

  • Curriculum

Basic Education Core Curriculum is used by PSRU Demonstration School. Nevertheless, the teacher told me that every school develop their own curriculum based on the students needed. Therefore, there will be quite different for every school.

  • Teaching plan related to your major

Teaching plan which I used in PSRU demonstration school is AFS Teaching Plan. Actually, it is not quite different with my own teaching plan when I got in Teaching English for Young Learner (TEYL) class. Therefore, I can understand it, but I get difficulties how to set the class because they are young learner and I have less experience for teaching your learner. But then, my cooperating teacher helped me and gave some suggestion about my teaching plan. Then, she also gave me suggestion to make some media to deliver the material.

January 2021
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2. Pedagogical Contents

Teaching methods

After doing the observation, I understand about how the teacher tried to make the students understand by using fun way. The teacher made game before going to the material. Then the most important is introduce the vocabulary because we know that English is as a foreign language which means a lot of them don’t speak English in their home. By introducing the vocabulary, teacher can use English language for the whole class and make them enjoy with that.

The other hand, how the teacher gives a simple reward for them. The English class is in the different room, so teacher made the class being 6 large group for 40 students. Teacher gave a group score if they do something appropriately or even just because of their attitude. But this score is not directly count in their real score, it is only the way to control the students.  I do learn about how to appreciate their effort and motivate them to learn English more.

Their learning materials and innovation

        The teacher said that she developed the material, so the teacher doesn’t depend on the text book. It will make the students bored if she teaches depend on the textbook. The teacher develops the material and she makes the own worksheet for every material. The effect is the students will also think that they can play while learn something. A lot of worksheet is consist of some pictures which the students can color it by themselves. Therefore, they will enjoy the class and understand the material.

Sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

The teacher also used some properties like picture which stick on the whiteboard, video, and other property. this properties were not only for warming up but also they were used as a main to teach the students about the material. Therefore, the properties would help the students to increase the vocabulary and to remember it while the repetition.

The teacher made 6 group in every class is part of how to control and make the students understand. this way would make the smart students to help another students in group for learning the material. On another hand, this way will make the students easily to understand while seeing what their friends do in the group.

Authentic assessment used by the teachers

At first teacher used worksheet, final test, and the activeness of the student in the classroom. Even, the worksheet is only for practice but teacher also can know about how far the students understand or if in the worksheet they still have lower score, teacher will give them remedial to help them understand about the material.

The assessment is about what they have talked about in the class. Then, worksheet will help students to learn about last material because it will stick on their books. The other one, the assessment can be vocabulary test. This test seems like review about their vocabulary during this class.

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1. School: General Information and Academic Administration

Meeting room of PSRU Demontration School, When we got school orientation.

  1. School profile

Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School is school which since 2004 The king of Thailand changed the name of school became Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School. Then, since 2008 PSRU allocated the budget to construct the building in PSRU Demonstration school. The building consists of 2, there are elementary building and primary building. The vision itself it “to provide education in accordance with learning development and learn with fun.”

2. Academic support system

PSRU Demonstration School provide some facilities for the students:.

  • Library

In this library the students don’t only read a book but also can play some mathematics game or access an internet learning. Therefore, the students can play and learn at the same time. The right side of the library, there is a stage which can used for teaching and learning process.

  • Sport building

In this school there is an indoor place which the students can play badminton or other sport. On the other hand, there is a yard whom the students can play football.

  • Cooking Class

PSRU Demonstration School has cooking class which the students can practice to make some kind of dessert or other dishes. Therefore, they have life skill to survive in the future. The teacher chose simple dishes to make students easily to do it in their home.

Cooking class made BANOFI
  • CCTV

The other facility is CCTV to monitor their children in the school. It makes the parent easily to know what their children do during the class or to know what is their children respond during the class.

3. Teaching system

This school used moving class. Therefore, one of two subjects are in the same class for the example is English Class. 4th grade until 6th grade use in 1st floor, so teacher can decorate and prepare many stuffs over there. Then, for 2nd grade and 3rd grade, there is class in 3rd floor or I can say the same floor with their original class. Then for 1st grade, the students learn in their own class for all of subject. Some teacher used their own worksheet to make the students more interesting about the material.

4. Materials and other learning sources

The subjects are English, Math, Science, Thai Language, History, Social, Sport, Computer, and life skill Class. Teachers do not use a book for practice but some of them also create their own worksheet. All of class has LED TV for showing PPT or video during teaching and learning process. Some of them make real learning by command the students to bring fish with the water.

The students have several books like the real book for learning, notebook for their own worksheet, and practice book. Therefore, they will easier to learn about that material.

5. Measurement and evaluation system

The evaluation of PSRU Demonstration School is used test, worksheet, and how the students act during teaching and learning process. The test is for final examination only, but worksheet is given every meeting. Therefore, students can learn from their home, because the students have exercise book and they leave the book in the school. The other hand, teacher also asses how student’s respond during the process teaching and learning.

6. Curriculum

PSRU Demonstration school used Basic Education Core Curriculum from the government but  PSRU Demonstration School develops curriculum depends on the students need. Therefore, this school will have different things from the other school.

7. Teaching plan

For teaching plan, first we have discussion with the teacher about which the teaching plan we will used. Then, we used an AFS teaching plan format. Actually, the lesson plan is quite same with my own English teaching plan. It is not quite different; it is simple and easy to understand.

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 In the last week, we had some evaluation of our performance and I learned a bit about their historical place. This place around an hour because it was different city. I looked about the old city in the Thailand. It was nice for knowing about the place.

In this week, I tasted many Thai food, I don’t know the name but it was nice and delicious. Then, we did closing ceremony by performing traditional dance and singing traditional song from several places in Indonesia. And some of students from PSRU Demonstration School performed one of dance from Thailand.

At the time, we presented how Indonesia is and told to them about diversity by showing some picture. Then, unconsciously my friends and I came from different race so we wore different traditional clothes. I was so sad at the time because I would leave them soon with the valuable memories.   

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Third Week

In the third week, I did my full practice time. At first, My cooperating teacher decided me the grade and the material about what would be taught to the students. My cooperating teacher and I discussed about the lesson plan and also about the material. Then, after we fixed for my teaching is P4 Thantawan and P4 Banchuen.

On the Monday, my first full teaching practice, I got problem with organizing the class because My cooperating teacher told me suddenly to teach P4 Thantawan class after the flag ceremony. After the teaching practice she gave me some comment like, I had to be louder in the class to give them instruction. Then, I just skipped some step of teaching and I needed more preparation.

On the next day, I had full teaching practice again. But She said that I improved but I had to be aware with the stuff because a lot of students still did not about what the stuff is. But she said that I did better performance and could handle the class.

In this 3rd week, I also faced final exam for teaching assessment. I taught P4 Banchuen for my final exam as the result of discussion with my cooperating teacher. Then, I prepared some stuff and other things which support my performance. But I thought I enjoyed a lot the class and I could control the class.

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On 12th August at 1:30 p.m. I arrived in Phitsanulok and met Mr. Buncha with his wife. Then, He took us in dorm near the school and told what we have to do and asked what we really need. But, In the evening He took us to have dinner outside and told me about my activities for the next day.

The next day, we met Teacher Yo. She accompanied us for going around and told us about how this school running. She told me that every day in PSRU demonstration school did flag ceremony. In this school, there is a good habit to improve English skill because we know that English in Thailand is for foreign language. Therefore, every student of PSRU have to read the word according to their grade and spell it. In this school, Teacher design a fun English learning. Then, while in the middle of flag ceremony one of the representative students would repeat the English word, spelling it and translate it to Thai language.

In this first day in PSRU Demonstration School, I just understood how the value of religion indeed in every life part. I could see it while in flag ceremony and how each person in school respect each other and greeting it.

In the afternoon we discussed with Teacher Yo about our schedule for teaching and learning and another topic. Then, we just move around the school with Teacher Nat. Then, I knew that student moved to other class. Therefore, there is specific class like English room and other room. Then, teacher especially English teacher decorated it as his/her interest to make the students enjoy the process teaching and learning. Then, we also got an Thai Class, we learn about simple conversation or word which used in classroom.

On the 14th august, I started to observe 2 class for 4th grade and 5th grade. At first, we observe Mr. Yo when she taught 4th grade students about countable and uncountable noun.  She used a creative worksheet which be a warming up for the students. Therefore, students could find what is countable and uncountable noun by coloring the same things. Teacher Yo tried to engage the students to the material by provide the workshop which noun consist of cake and ice cream picture to fill it by word.  Then, students colored ice cream and cupcake picture. They looked so happy with their own worksheet.

When I asked Teacher Yo about how she got the idea to made cute worksheet for students, she said that it was from herself by knowing it in some books which she read. Actually, she made a nice interaction to the students. Students could respond it and be so fun with the class situation. On the afternoon, I observed Teacher Yo class but the one who taught was student’s internship, her name is Nen. She taught 5th grade students with comparative degree material especially as _____as by using game in group. I just thought that using worksheet would help students to memorize if they forgot or when they really need to learn it again. Then, we learn about cooking class. In this class, we helped to make coffee cake. I saw how students enthusiasm to make and package it.

On the next day, we have orientation with Dr. Buncha as Coordinator, Teacher Nikom as head of Elementary and Primary school, and some teacher who involved with us.  Dr. Buncha presented about the mechanism and anything related our program. Therefore, we called it as formal orientation.  But in the morning, I had chance to see how Kindergarten children learn English.

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Pre- Service Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia : Introduction

“The journey of learning is as long as the road of life.”

  • Itje Chodidjah
Taken from Innayatul Khoriyah

SEA TEACHER or Pre-Services Students Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia is a program or project which make students university in Southeast Asia have practice teaching in other country in Southeasts Asia. This program gives opportunities to student’s teacher for having experience teaching in other country.  This program is running under SEAMEO. SEAMEO is an organization which established in 1965 among the government of Southeast Asian Country.

SEAMEO has 7 priority area in its program. One of them is “Revitalizing Teacher Education”. Therefore, SEA TEACHER is being one of its programs to make students teacher understand how difference education in other country especially in Southeast Asia, then develop their professionalism as teacher in future to make a creative and innovative method while teaching their students.

I think SEA TEACHER will make me understand that border line is not a problem for developing the media. As teacher I believe knowing what is the up to date news or media from book, internet, group discussion with other country teacher will create a better media or worksheet for students.

I believe SEA TEACHER is one of ways to make students teacher understand that we are as agent of change can do something to our future. Therefore, we can make a big change in the future by understand what students needed.

Therefore, being part of this program will be the best moment of my life to learn. I know that this program not only about how I’m teaching here but the other value. In this batch, I am deployed in Pibulsongkram Rhajabat University Demonstration School in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

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